Commissioned Art

I love to create and use my hands. Sometimes that takes the shape of wall paintings, sometimes its commissioned artwork like sculpture or jewelry (which are similar, but different in material and display.)

Abstract Wall Paintings

We can create commissioned art directly on walls as wall paintings for a more customized look.
Wall Paintings Before
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Custom Art

We created these two 6’ x 6’ and one 9’ x 3’ framed commissioned paintings for Las Velas restaurant in Market Square in Downtown Pittsburgh.
We also created these framed commissioned paintings for Madero Cantina in Murrysville.
Custom Art After
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We designed this 15’ piece commissioned painting of their logo piece to cover over an exposed walk-in beer refrigerator for Cinco restaurant in Mount Lebanon.
Custom Art Before
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Commissioned Artwork-Sculpture

Working with three-dimensional material is a great way to convey texture. Each medium has its own special way of conveying it.

Fired Clay Sculpture

This fire-clayed sculpture was commissioned to express the painful process of an individual going through change.
Custom Artwork
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Carved Relief Plaster Sculpture

This abstract piece emerged as I chipped away at a solid block of plaster.
Custom Artwork
Custom Artwork
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Welded Steel Sculpture

Made from melting steel welding rod with an acetylene torch, this sculpture is called “Rod.”
Custom Artwork
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Commissioned Artwork-Jewelry

I’ve always been a fan of sterling silver. It’s beautiful and holds textures well and it doesn’t have the cost constraints of gold. I love combining it with natural materials like wood, copper and broken china, or found objects to see the contrasting textures. And unlike other forms of commissioned art, this is commissioned art that you can take with you and wear on your body. (Try doing that with a 9’ x 3’ painting.). I have designed and created all of the following.
Commissioned Artwork
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