2. Design Plan

After gathering information in the programming stage, I review applicable building codes and any other regulations and standards that will affect my design. Then I create a design to review with you. This is usually a multi-step process as we work back and forth making changes together until we reach a final design.

3. Estimate Costs

Once I have an approved design plan, I put together costs for your approval.

4. Specifications

In this step, I specify the materials, finishes, and furnishings, like furniture, lighting, flooring, wall covering, window treatments, artwork, etc. Depending on the project, I may also need to submit drawings for approval by your city or municipalities’ building inspector. If a project requires structural work, I will work with an architect or engineer for that part of the project. If needed, I will also choose contractors and write work contracts.

5. Project Management

Finally, I develop a timeline for the project, coordinate contractor work schedules, and make sure work is completed on time. After the project is finished, we will do a walk-through together to make sure you’re satisfied.